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Principia School


Another St. Louis visit was to Principia School, where I spent time with Principal Travis Brantingham.

DSC_0014Founded in 1898 to make a Christian Science education available to students in St. Louis and beyond, the school graduated its first high school class in 1902 and soon after added its college program. Today, Principia School is situated in St. Louis, and Principia College is located north of the Mississippi in Elsah, Illinois.

Principia School serves 420 students, infancy through grade 12, with boarding offered in grades 7-12. Students hail from 30 states and 12 countries.

The school is in the process of creating a new vision statement, which Travis Brantingham summarizes as follows:

Principia is working actively to become a school that fosters a culture of inquiry where all learning prepares students for the now and the future not a world passed by. To have a school culture where curiosity is instilled and Christian values are expected and modeled. Imagine a school where every child has realised their unlimited potential and their capacity to be good, kind, creative and brilliant; to be a dynamic force for positive change in the world.