University School of Milwaukee


I have had two opportunities in my now 21-month tenure to visit University School of Milwaukee. The first was a June 2015 visit to welcome new ISACS trustee Rishi Raghunathan, University School history teacher. I returned in early January for the second of ISACS’ 2016 regional heads meetings, hosted by Rishi and Head of School Laura Fuller.

UWM 2Founded in 1963, today University School serves 1,107 students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12. Its mission states:

University School of Milwaukee provides an exceptional PK-12 independent school education in a supportive, inclusive community built on the foundation of our Common Trust. By igniting a passion for learning, leadership, and service, the School prepares each student – as an individual – for success in higher education and a life of purpose. USM embraces a tradition of superior academic achievement through a commitment to expertise and innovation in our School.

What one aspect of University School would Laura Fuller most like to highlight for her ISACS colleagues? Laura offers:

University School is deeply entrenched in the implementation of our most recently developed Strategic Plan (2013-2020). Organized around three Centers: Professional Leadership and Innovative Teaching, Global Learning and Engagement, and Experiential Learning, the Strategic Plan is USM’s gateway to our future as the leading independent school in the Milwaukee area. Additionally, in the spring of 2015, the Board of Trustees approved a 27 million dollar fund raising initiative to support the structural and functional needs of the Plan. The construction of a new Academic Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Upper School Commons and Performing Arts Center, a Community gathering space for Lower School families, as well as, increased endowment goals to support Strategic Plan initiatives, will provide the ultimate foundation for successful completion of our Strategic Plan cycle.


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